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1.5 by 1.125 Tapered Head Tube

1.5 by 1.125 Tapered Head Tube


** New** OVERSIZED Tapered HEADTUBE for 1.5 x 1.125

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This is a new tapered/conic head tube that accommodates the 1.5x1.125 monocoque forks. 

It has inset rings to silver solder into place. The rings are at "Net Size". This means if used carefully (less than 0.005" distortion) no reaming will be required. We've have checked the FSA/Columbus bearings and they are a "drop in" fit.

The Cane Creek bearing for this set are Cane Creek part# BAA0971K. You can find them Here.

Head tube length: 250mm

Wall thickness: 1.0mm/1.1mm

Uncut Weight without Cups (grams): 310g

Cup weight (pair): 79g

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COLUMBUS HEAD TUBE 1.5/1.125 specs