201302-3140 Llewellyn Cadenzia Double OS Horizontal Socketed Single Taper Lugs-Mild Steel

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Llewellyn Cadenzia Double Oversize Socketed Seat Lug.  See details below!

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Llewellyn socketed seat lug option 2 for the 201303-3140 Lew_lugs_dosm_head_lugs.  

To see the Head/TT lugs or the standard seat lug option 1, please click the links below.

These lugs are for: 
ST: 31.8mm x 31.8mm and  73º

Here is Darrell's description of the lugs:

The “Cadenzia” lug set is a joint design project between Italian frame building legend Dario Pegoretti and myself, Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch. 
Released in February 2009, these are the world’s first road bike lugs for XL/DOS tube sizes with a level top tube. 

  The lug set sits along side the Llewellyn XL/DOS Compact lug set, so a builder can design frames with a either a level or sloping top tube using XL tube sizes. XL sized tubing is selected for the tall or big lads to ensure the bike has the correct handling properties.

  Dario put to me his desire for a level top tube XL lug set. The design project I was working on was the Custodian OS tube lug set, not an XL size set just yet! But, the end result after the wine, good food, and my friend Dario’s passion for the frame metal work and design overcame me; and now I had plans to work on two lug designs at the same time when I returned home, the Custodian and the Cadenzia. 
    This lug set is an exciting project for me. Over the next months we shared ideas and discussed the design details as there is a lot of careful consideration taken into account during the design of a new lug set. One does not just expand an OS lug set up to XL size! One has to consider the tube socket depth, lug proportions, and tube to lug surface to facilitate brazing. I worked for many days in front of the computer on the 3D CAD program to do the models until Dario and I arrived at a design that meet all our criteria.


For Standard Seat Lug Option 1 (201301-3140 Lew_Lugs_Dosm_Std_Lug: https://www.cycle-frames.com/201301-3140-llewellyn-cadenzia-double-os-horizontal-st-lugs-mild-steel.html

For the Double Oversize Lugs in Mild Steel for the Head/TT: https://www.cycle-frames.com/201303-3140-llewellyn-cadenzia-double-os-horizontal-tt-lugs-mild-steel.html

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