Please read this helpful hint-

It will save time and improve the fit of blades to crown.

All manufacturer's blades are built to the Continental Oval spec: 28mm x 20mm on the large dimension.  Crown manufacturers also follow the same nominal 28x20mm dimensions.

There is a manufacturing variance of +/- 0.2mm on these dimensions.

The easiest way to get good fit from a particular blade an crown pair is to first measure the blades and crown.

The blades will be slightly adjusted with a hand vise to fit the crown.

If the major axis of the blade is too long, press the major axis slightly to adjust the dimensions to the crown major axis.

Normally this will slightly increase the blade minor axis dimension. The crown is usually too large so this adjusts the overall fit to be better.

This approach to fitting will make the dimensions much closer without damage to the crown sockets by taking more material out than is actually necessary.

If you need a fork blade bender look *here*


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